Purchase Order & Trade Financing

Smart Money is the Best Money

Whether your supply chain is highly predictable, or you experience seasonal spikes in demand, reliable funding is essential. Companies registered in US and Canada and their domestic & international suppliers (buyers & sellers) can benefit of our purchase order and TRADE financing and working capital solutions, for import and export or domestic production and supply of goods and services products.

The financial professionals at Neovation Business Solutions & Services are experienced in all aspects of finance for work in process including letters of credit for both domestic trade purchases and import/export transactions. We can also help start-up companies with poor cash flow and little access to capital in purchasing, distributing, or reselling of manufacturing of goods and services form US and across the world.

Don’t miss growth opportunities because working capital is limited!

We offer Debtor in Possession (DIP) financing program for companies in bankruptcy having a Debtor in Possession bank account.

The Benefits of Purchase Order & Trade Financing:

  • Ability to Quickly pay up to 100% paperless payments even on early stage of order in the transaction for significant growth without bank debt or equity partner
  • Increase market share with confidence
  • Buyer and seller Ensure timely deliveries of goods
  • Companies can make big profit by fulfilling big transactions.
  • Revolving Trade Facility limits range from $250,000 to $25,000,000.

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You need access to flexible financing if you want your business to grow and our Purchase Order and Trade Financing can provide you with the funding you need to enrich your business. Contact NeoVation Business Solutions & Services today to learn more about how this avenue of financing can benefit your business.

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