Leading others can be an innate skill, but there are still ways to develop it if it is not. If you are a business owner, you may be leading a wide variety of people. Leadership is an essential component in running a successful company. It creates a dynamic culture, which in turn can lead to happy and loyal employees.

Here are some attributes that can contribute to becoming a solid leader. It is perfectly normal to excel in some areas while needing improvement in others.


You cannot say one thing but have your actions show something else. Be true to who you are and your vision for the company, and employees will appreciate it. It will also encourage them to be authentic.

Authenticity also applies to any public relations you conduct, whether it’s social media presence or interviews. Speak the truth and allow yourself to be vulnerable when necessary.


How you show up in front of your employees will have an impact on them. Do not be afraid to let others lead if they have earned it. Empowering your staff is only going to strengthen the business. Your actions will be closely observed, so try to remain consistent.


Employees will be more engaged if they have a purpose. Challenge them to achieve attainable goals and provide an opportunity for them to improve, like continuing education. Feeling valued will also lead to employee loyalty. Good leaders look to make those around them better and are not in the position solely for power.


Think of ways to inspire your staff and customers. As a business leader, you have areas of strength. Lean on those to motivate those around you. Think about what drives your team and use it for inspiration.


While leadership can have many enjoyable perks, it also involves making tough decisions. Leaders who crumble or rattle easily in the face of a challenge are not overly respected by their employees.  You will not be able to make every person you interact with happy. Sound leaders make the hard decisions, communicate their actions thoroughly, and treat those affected with kindness. Try to remain even-keeled when addressing problems.

Consider what areas come naturally to you and look for opportunities to improve in those that do not. Leadership training is widely available, so look for something that is a good fit.

Have grace with yourself as you work to become better. If you can learn from your mistakes and be willing to try new things, your role as a leader will naturally progress.