The real estate industry has evolved as more and more consumers use the internet to complete tasks. Digital marketing is becoming more prominent, and some businesses that completely relied on traditional methods are integrating the two or discarding traditional methods altogether. Realtors that embrace digital marketing have the opportunity to connect with potential clients without leaving the comfort of their homes or offices.

1. Create Blog Posts

One of the real estate marketing tactics that can be very effective for agents is posting blog posts and articles on their website. Search engine optimization techniques can be incorporated to drive traffic to the site. Once visitors go to the website, the content they view should be relevant and engaging, encouraging them to linger and sign up for services or email lists. Figure out a schedule and stick to it so that people are encouraged to come back regularly to see the new material.

2. Develop an Email List

Many realtors have used direct mail methods to try to reach customers in their desired area. Email lists can be used in a similar manner, as one email is composed that is then sent out to a number of different people. The email addresses can be gotten from people who signed up at the website or from a company that has an existing email list. An email campaign can be a great way to target people who may be interested in buying or selling property.

3. Virtual Tours

Not everyone who wants to buy property is able to attend showings, as work schedules, family obligations or other limitations may prevent them from seeing a building in-person. A virtual tour can be a great way for a realtor to show off the property inside and out so that buyers can make informed decisions. It can be a useful way for clients to view the property and narrow down their selections without having to take an entire day off to drive around to different locations, saving both them and the realtor time. A good virtual tour will be accessible to people using different devices, such as desktops, tablets and smartphones. It should also contain real footage of the home and be as interactive as possible.

If a realtor is trying to increase business and does not have a strong real estate marketing plan, then they should develop one as soon as possible. There are many different tactics that can be used, and some of them cost nothing more than time. Be creative when looking for solutions and talk to other people in the industry for ideas as needed.