Many business owners are constantly thinking of ways to attract and retain customers. Using local SEO tactics, such as increasing the number of backlinks a website has, can boost sales. Small companies can use digital marketing tactics to gain a good reputation and attract customers.

Backlinks refer to external websites that contain a link to a company’s site. The more external websites contain links to a company’s page, the more reputable the company looks to potential customers and to Google’s algorithm.

1. Content Marketing

Posting blogs or articles can be very effective when it comes to increasing the number of visitors on a website. The content posted should be informative, relevant and useful to consumers. The more pages there are on the website that contain good information, the more opportunities there are for backlinks. The content can be distributed through the use of an email list, advertisements, or social media posts. Encourage people to share the link to their favorite article on their social media platforms.

2. Sponsor Events

Many local events are run with the help of sponsorships. Sports teams, community theaters and race organizers usually welcome the assistance they receive from local businesses. Without support, they are often unable to run their events smoothly, or perhaps at all. In return, many of them will put their sponsor’s name in pamphlets, on banners or post links on their homepage that lead to the companies’ websites. Although business owners who have never sponsored an event before may not be interested because they have a fear of the cost, in reality, many event organizers are happy to take whatever is able to be given.

3. Support Charities

A great way to boost the reputation of the company while also giving back to the community in a meaningful way is through donating to local charity organizations. Many charities have websites set up to both inform the public about the cause and to handle the donation process. Making a donation to a charity or hosting an event to spread awareness for their cause can both be effective ways to help a charity. The organization helped should be glad to post a link on their homepage directing them to the company’s website.

There are many great local SEO strategies available for a company that is trying to build up more backlinks and gain a higher ranking in Google’s search algorithm. Be creative and think of solutions that work for the company’s brand while remaining within budget.