Any company is only as good as those who run it and the key to securing great employees rests within the recruiting process. Several types of candidates are often overlooked, effectively making some excellent workers impossible to reach. Here are five of these groups, along with ways to make sure their abilities appear on your radar.

1. Introverted Candidates

People who are extroverts naturally stand out, yet shyer individuals can be just as talented. Someone who says very little might be even more skilled than the job seeker with an affinity for self-promotion. Invest time into bringing these job hopefuls out of their shells. Once the ice has been broken, the applicant’s potential is more likely to become apparent.

2. Current Candidates

Our tendency is to assume that those occupying specific roles are only able to handle duties associated with their assigned tasks. The truth is that smart, competent people tend to have hidden abilities and multiple areas of expertise. Spot them by chatting with your workforce about advancement goals and aspirations.

3. Former Candidates

When people leave a job, we often assume there is an inherent unwillingness to return. However, the comfort associated with retaking a previous position is sometimes all it takes to lure someone back. Before staffers voluntarily leave your fold, get their contact information and stay in touch. Connect with them on social media and keep an eye out for changes in employment status.

4. Unexpected Candidates

We all have hidden biases. Though they may go unrecognized, our perceptions color the ways we interact with the world, including when we engage in the hiring process. Make an effort to stay unbiased regarding how the person whose position you are looking to fill should look and sound. The right fit may not come in the wrapper your subconscious is telling you.

5. Experienced Candidates

Perhaps you are under the assumption that those with extensive work histories and higher pay than you are able to match would never join your organization. You never know when these workers are looking for a change. They may view a pay cut as a worthwhile sacrifice for a more favorable working environment or a lighter workload. Never assume that someone is unwilling to consider joining your enterprise.

The ability to spot the best candidates from a pool of hopefuls is a skill that comes with practice. Keep an open mind when recruiting and increase your chances of identifying the best.